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In my officeI was born in 1945 - per year of a Victory above a fascism - in Samara, and in this connection my parents - teachers, have named me Victor. The family has moved to Ekaterinburg-Sverdlovsk in 1950, here I studied, in 1967 has completed radio engineering faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute. In 1968-1970 was in the Soviet Army on Southern Ural. And after has returned and has gone to work on firm of link. Worked the engineer, chief of radio-relay shop, chief of the service of operating control in Joint-Stock Company "Rostelecom". Now I'm working in JSC "Uralsvyazinform".

Long years I did not know, that my grandparents were owners of gold mines  from Transbaikalia, and only, due to a case and memoirs written high brother of my grandfather, recently has found out about it. Since then I try to extract the items of information on the past of my family, my grandparents, went even to home of my father in Barguzin.

There will be glad very much, if someone will signal me, that knows something about Novomeysky's family.

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